How to Avoid a Hangover

how to avoid a hangover

how to avoid a hangoverThere is nothing quite like a wild night out riddled with booze, friends and partying; we can all agree on this. You can try and be all grown-up about it, but we all enjoy a crazy night out, especially if we get a few drinks in us, get the party going and all that. However, for most of us, the inevitable consequence of a crazy night out will be a hangover. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to avoid being hungover the next morning or that will at least minimize the effects. If you want to know: How to avoid a hangover? Following are some answers.

Tips to Avoid a Hangover

The first and perhaps the easiest way to avoid being hungover in the morning is to pace yourself and to limit yourself. Most of us have had enough experiences in our lives to be able to tell when it is sufficient. For instance, some people start having a headache the moment they pour too much into themselves while others feel almost nauseous every time they bring the glass to their mouth. These are usually great signs that it is enough. Having troubles steadying the room around you is another great way to know when you’ve had enough.

Eating before the night out is another excellent model of hangover prevention. This is because your body is much more capable of working through all the alcohol if you have also had something to eat beforehand. Our personal recommendations would be plenty of meat and fats that will enable your stomach to cope much better with the alcohol. In short, eat before you drink.

An essential rule, if you want to avoid a hangover, is never to mix drinks. Do not mix drinks. If you love your life and if you intend to be alive the following day, do not mix drinks. Mixing drinks is a sure way to get not only wasted way too much but also a sure way to guarantee yourself a hangover the next morning. You can still mix beers or whiskeys or gin, but keep it in the same class. By the way, do not combine white and red wine. It sucks.

Water is the key

avoid hangoverHydration, hydration, hydration. That is the most important thing to do if you wish to avoid a hangover. This applies in particular if you are drinking liquor. They say that if you drink one glass of water for every shot of alcohol, you are pretty much safe unless you go berserk and down an entire bottle of vodka. Lack of water in the organism is the primary reason why we get hungover and drinking plenty of water prevents this. For instance, when you come home, drink at least two full glasses of water; force them down if you have to. You will be thanking yourself in the morning.